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As a homeowner, having a plumber you can trust is essential. Make sure you have a company you can turn to when the unexpected happens. Here we are!! You need someone who not only has the technical skills, but also has the customer service skills necessary to create a positive experience for the client. We have the experience, plumbers and inventory necessary to handle any project, large or small. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship and high quality products to every project we undertake. We also offer value engineering to our customers in an effort to provide viable alternatives in materials to lower project costs.

We fully realize that the customer is really our employer and that we need them much more than they need us. All field employees are trained how to keep customers for life. They realize the importance of our customers and the value of retaining them…


         Are you looking for an experienced plumber to efficiently undertake a variety of plumbing tasks ranging from fixing leakages to installing pipes and repairing toilets? Then you are in a right place!

        A successful plumber must have a thorough knowledge of hydraulic systems. They are patient individuals with a practical mind and manual dexterity, able to work efficiently with great attention to detail. Our goal is to install and maintain well-functioning systems that transport water, waste, gases or hot liquids in your home or office. Our plumbers are very good in reading blueprints and drawings to understand or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal and water supply systems; as well as installing and maintaining water supply systems. We can cut, assemble and install pipes and tubing, with extra attention paid to existing infrastructure. We will locate and repair issues with water supply lines (e.g. leaks), repair domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fixtures (e.g. sinks) etc. Repair or replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, faucets etc. We’re also able to Install waste disposal and sanitary systems…

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Plumber 007 was amazing. Our washer flooded almost our entire upstairs and we had waterfalls downstairs. At 6am. They came out to help me with a flood that I could not handle myself. I had no idea where to start. Who would?! They answered right away, were nice, straight to the point, Caring & super urgent. They know & understand what it means to get your house back to the way it was as fast & efficient as they can & I really appreciate that. Especially in our household! Thank you, guys, for giving such outstanding customer service! You are people I can trust! They are immediately responsive, professional, and friendly. They are the kind of good, expert, responsible people you want to work with. This company know every detail about water and mold damage and how to get an environment dried out and mold free, We are so happy we choose Plumber 007!
Felizio Hodgson
My parents' house is very old, and they don’t usually give it a good maintenance: every time it rains the water enters and damages the walls of the interior of the house, especially of their room and living room. A couple of weeks ago I visited them, and I realized that their walls were very damaged because of humidity, and the roof was a disaster. I spoke to Plumber 007 and asked them for an urgent evaluation: a very kind woman answered me and sent me an appointment for the next day. As I imagined: the roof needed to be remodeled as soon as possible. They explained to me what was necessary to do and the price they gave me seemed very fair. That same day they took professional equipment to take care of the water damage on the roof and walls. In addition, they applied a special treatment to protect the roof and gave us some recommendations so that this terrible situation wouldn’t happen again. Without a doubt, I’ll continue calling them.
Christian Arthington
I had a major leak in the house that threatened to become a mini flood. I called Plumber 007 at 09 pm to schedule an appointment for the morning. I was told that the plumber will be at my house at 7:30 am. I did get a phone call from the office manager apologizing for the tardiness. However, when I finally saw the plumber at 08:00 am I was very happy because it wasn't tardiness ha-ha). He seemed energetic and take charge kind of a person which immediately put my mind at ease that everything will be great! He found the source of problem and explained it to me in a way that I could understand and also suggested solutions. He also came in the following morning, (on time this time haha), to put a video camera into our plumbing system to really find out the root of the problem. Well.... It was in fact roots growing inside the walls of the plumbing system. As serious and expensive the result of the exam is, I still want to thank Plumber 007 for sending over a top notch plumber Steve who is courteous, articulate, friendly and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. Oh, and he did fix the problem.
Seth Cruixcruik